Inspired by his youth in the 60’s – Michael Lawes creates bright, geometric relief artworks which play with perspective, light and colour.

Artist's CV

Born in Birmingham 1948.

Birmingham College of Art & Design 1964-68

Member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists 1994

Moved to APpledore, North Devon in 2008

Moved to Hayle, Cornwall in 2021

My geometric abstract reliefs are concerned with the interaction between complimentary colours, 2D & 3D shapes, actual and optical space and the play of light on projected surfaces. The interaction between all these elements of the my work changes in relation to the spectators angle of vision.

From 2015, my work gradually moved from representational back to abstraction. My abstract reliefs developed from this change of direction and is now my main focus.

My work has appeared in numerous exhibitions in the Midlands, London and south west of England.