I work in a variety of media but drawing is central to the way I explore my subject matter, using observation, imagination and invention. Over the years I have focused on many different subjects, but landscape and animal studies form the core of my current work.

Artist's CV

Born 1949 Wiltshire

BA Hons Cheltenham 1987

Recent paintings are a conversation with the land and were made using materials collected from visited locations or while out walking . Rocks, bricks and tile fragments have been ground to make paint. Ash and soot are also used. Inspired by ancient rock art I have tried to imagine a visual language which allows the land itself to speak of origins in space and time.

Past works include the figure, animal and landscape studies, always executed with the intention of exploring the life and spirit of the subject, drawings being loose allowing a suggestion of movement or change. The drawing must live as does the subject.

Barbara is also well known for her colourful and amusing collection of greetings cards and prints of seagulls, animals and fantasy birds