“What emerges from the original subject matter has often acquired an unexpected life of it’s own. Accidents can be fortuitous. It is my inability to predict the outcome that makes print-making endlessly fascinating.”

Artist's CV

Lee was born in West Cornwall and lives at Long Rock, on the south coast, east of Penzance.

He trained at Falmouth School of Art and at North Staffs University but he says it is the landscape and unique atmosphere of Cornwall that most informs his work.

“Being surrounded by the sea on three sides feels a bit like living on an island. It gives you a very strong sense of place and an affinity with this particular landscape. Drawing from observation is the basis of all my work. It is a record of both what I can see and how I am feeling at the time.”

Designs for both etching and relief prints tend to evolve over several weeks, involving much experimentation.