Jenny Shaw-Browne is a St Ives based painter who uses her degree in Archeology and Ancient History to capture landscapes, cityscapes and landmarks. Her interest in archaeological illustration and artefact drawing translates into vibrant and captivating oil paintings.

Artist's CV

I was born in Nottinghamshire on the borders of Sherwood Forest, part of a traditional farming family. After an “A” level in art, I progressed to an honours degree in Archaeology and Ancient History extensively utilising my interest in archaeological illustration and artefact drawing. This combination of a love of historical landscapes together with man’s connection to the earth appear throughout my paintings. Here rich strong colours and textures celebrate the elements of weather, land, light and sea found in Cornwall’s ancient landscapes. Cloud shadows, breaking surf, rock formations, harbour scenes and beachscapes are all represented throughout the seasons and the tides.

In 2008, I moved my studio to St Ives. Where often starting en plein air, I will work on my oil canvases out on the coast or moorland always striving to commit to paint my emotional response to the scene. Using a palette knife, brushes and my hands I will build up layers, both impasto and scumbled. Strokes of colour are laid next to each other largely unblended depicting light and shadow. This technique allows the vibrancy and energy of the painting to be retained when viewed as a whole. Working from the starting place of abstraction, some of Cornwall’s most iconic landscapes are then drawn out into sensitive and atmospheric paintings.