John lives and works on Widemouth Bay in North Cornwall. 

He works in watercolour on paper and canvas, and also produces paper litho prints of a selection of his sketches 

A keen surfer he finds watercolour particularly well suited to convey the power of the crashing surf and the ever-changing beauty of the Atlantic coastline. 

Artist's CV

I am an artist, musician, surfer, husband, father and grandfather!

I live beside the Atlantic Ocean on the beautiful North Cornwall coastline, which provides me with all the inspiration I could every hope for, and this drives my passion for painting seascapes.

For many years we lived inland on a small agricultural holding, and my eldest daughter now farms seriously with her husband and small children. I therefore also have access to all the inspiration I could possibly need for rolling landscapes and pastoral scenes.

My wife has family resident in southern Italy in an area called the Valle D’Itria, renowned for it’s natural beauty and extraordinary ‘Trulli’ so I have the good fortune to be able to sketch away to my heart’s content whenever we go visiting.

So, that in a nutshell is what generally informs my artwork.

I paint loose watercolours on cold pressed heavy gauge paper or primed close texture canvas , I sketch in pencil and charcoal and I use some of the sketches to create individual prints using lino cuts and paper litho techniques.

I exhibit at the St. Ives Society of Artist’s exhibitions in St. Ives, Cornwall and hold Open Studio events usually bi-annually.