The iconic art scene of St Ives has led me to follow in the sandy footsteps of many other who are inspired by its stunning landscape, vibrant harbour, quaint cottages and the forever ethereal light. My work brings together my love for the luminous colour of summer harbour scenes, contrasted with the depths of high tide.

Artist's CV

I aim to abstract the energy of St Ives through my wooden relief paintings. The layering of media onto the surface allows me to create a range of textures. Much of my inspiration comes from the harbour. I love the layers of weathered paint and battered boats as much as the freshly painted surfaces. I use bold shapes and grid formations, but closer inspection reveals subtle texture and brush marks. I am fascinated by changing light and tide. The relief elements in my work allow shadows and highlights to change with the light. My darker works submerge my palette into the inkier depths of the sea.