Cornwall is a very special place for any painter, the light, which everyone talks about, seems to reverberate in the moist air blowing in from the Atlantic. It wraps itself around forms and penetrates shadows, often enriching them with unexpected colour.

But it also has a harsh quality, quite unlike the light usually experienced in the UK. Of course, it changes constantly, as do the tides, the weather, the coming and going of boats, animals and people, nothing in this landscape is static for more than a few minutes.

I enjoy the challenge of trying to record transitory events: shadow, reflections, birds, water. In this quite small area, further interest comes from the tremendous variety of different locations: the beaches, windswept moorlands with Cornish hedges, wild rocky cliffs and the busy harbours. All are favourite painting subjects.

Artist's CV

Roger Curtis studied painting at Birmingham College of Art and Design. His work has been exhibited widely in England and is found in collections around the world. In 1993 he won the Wellingborough Open competition.

His paintings are firmly rooted in the landscapes and seascapes of south west Cornwall. He enjoys the challenge of trying to record transitory events: shadows, reflections, people, birds and the movement of the sea.