“West Penwith is a magical land surrounded by ever-changing seas; walking every day across ancient landscapes, trackways and footpaths is the inspiration for my work. I use different materials, some found and some recycled, and various mediums including collage.”

Artist's CV

I have lived most of my life in Cornwall.
Walking the coastal paths and the moorlands of West Penwith, the atmosphere of mystery feels almost tangible and I am inspired to paint by the enchantment of its ancient landscapes and ever-changing seas.
I am a self-taught mixed media artist and have been making work since 2008. I use a variety of mediums and materials much of which are recycled and reclaimed. Colour is very important to me, it is an essential tool to convey the light, magic and beauty of the natural world around me.
I have been working and exhibiting in Penwith since 2010 and during this time my paintings have found homes all over the UK and around the world.