I’ve lived and worked on the edge of the Moors in West Penwith for almost 40 years and feel deeply rooted in its landscape and the community here. My work involves private commissions alongside my studio practice, resulting in artwork that ranges in both form and media. The scale of my work also varies, from intimate painting and sculpture to large installations, fountains, landscape design, and public projects. I enjoy great creative freedom this way.

Bob Dawson’s work has been inspired by environmental and maritime issues taken from studies of the South West coast line.

“Glyn Walton is a versatile artist and sculptor working across several media. His mild steel sculptures are oiled, giving them a russet tinge that brings warmth to the cold metal and an engaging patina. Working in both figurative and abstract genres, this series is of works largely inspired by the locality of St Ives where he is partly based, summoning the sinuously weaving, picturesque road that leads to the historic village of Zennor, the luminous, infinitely receding horizons of the Cornish coastline, and the shape and form of the moon as it plays on the swiftly incoming tide. Suitable for indoor or year round outdoor display, these works unveil themselves gradually, offering the viewer a complexity of aspects and angles from which to enjoy their forms. ”

Laurent is a Belgian-born sculptor and mixed media artist working in St Ives, Cornwall. His work explores life, death, mysticism and delves into both the ancient and natural world.