“Glyn Walton is a versatile artist and sculptor working across several media. His mild steel sculptures are oiled, giving them a russet tinge that brings warmth to the cold metal and an engaging patina. Working in both figurative and abstract genres, this series is of works largely inspired by the locality of St Ives where he is partly based, summoning the sinuously weaving, picturesque road that leads to the historic village of Zennor, the luminous, infinitely receding horizons of the Cornish coastline, and the shape and form of the moon as it plays on the swiftly incoming tide. Suitable for indoor or year round outdoor display, these works unveil themselves gradually, offering the viewer a complexity of aspects and angles from which to enjoy their forms. ”

‘This is the work of someone who has immersed himself in these landscapes, succumbed to them, become intoxicated by them. They are overwhelmingly positive and life-affirming. A painting of trees over water shimmers and shifts, the colours constantly rearranging themselves, reflections moving as if still fluid. I think that’s what I love most about Paul’s work – the sense that each painting is still growing, still evolving, still finding its own story. I could look at them for hours, days, years. I am sure you will feel the same.’

– Mark Kermode talking about his Paul Wadsworth painting

My work usually begins when I am walking – I make sketches, or jot down words.

When I’m in my studio the starting point for my work is spontaneous and experimental and I work on several pieces at once. At this stage, I prefer not to have any firm idea of what I am trying to achieve, and am happy to let the painting develop in its own way.

I return to each painting many times, to add texture and layers of colour. This stage of the process can take many months.

There is always a pivotal moment in each painting, which may be in response to the landscape, a still life arrangement, or simply an interesting juxtaposition of colours or shapes in my studio – whatever it is, my final intentions are realised when all distractions are stripped away in a moment of clarity.

‘From my mid-teens I knew I wanted to do something creative, with set design an original plan and then graphic design, before Edinburgh School of Art known at the time for its emphasis on drawing skills, introduced me to Furniture Design. A BA in 3-Dimensional Design at Leeds followed, and an Msc. in Sustainable Architecture much later.

It was only when I ‘ran away to St Ives’, that I found the time and space to revive the exiting and creative ways of thinking that I experienced as an art student.’

Sean’s paintings reflect his interest in the Cornish landscape and harbour life. After studying graphics and a successful career in advertising, Sean returned to his love of fine art painting. He has exhibited extensively and his work has been purchased by collectors worldwide. 

A student at Bournemouth College of Art, Abi Taylor went on to obtain a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Chichester University. In 2008 she moved to Cornwall. She has a studio at Whites Workshops in Porthmeor Road, St Ives. She is represented by the Avalon Gallery in Marazion, and the Waterside Gallery, St Ives.

Laurent is a Belgian-born sculptor and mixed media artist working in St Ives, Cornwall. His work explores life, death, mysticism and delves into both the ancient and natural world.

I prefer not to give my work titles, if I do it’s usually very obscure. The reason is, I do not wish to influence the mind of the viewer but to send them on a personal journey of discovery.

“What emerges from the original subject matter has often acquired an unexpected life of it’s own. Accidents can be fortuitous. It is my inability to predict the outcome that makes print-making endlessly fascinating.”

Jenny Shaw-Browne is a St Ives based painter who uses her degree in Archeology and Ancient History to capture landscapes, cityscapes and landmarks. Her interest in archaeological illustration and artefact drawing translates into vibrant and captivating oil paintings.