founded in 1927 
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Oscar And Emmy 
31" x 23" Oil on canvas Price £950 Purchase reference: Davis -1
Blue Mood 
30 x 30 Oil on canvas Price: £950 Purchase reference : Davis-2 
A Romantic Moment 
Oil on canvas Price: £950 Purchase reference: Davis-3 
Breaking Free 
24" x 24" Oil on canvas Price: £840 Purchase reference: Davis-4 
Another World 
24" x 24"Oil on canvas Price: £840 Purchase reference: Davis-5 
Nymph In The Garden 
24" x 24" 
Oil on canvas 
Price £790 
Purchase reference: Davis 6 
If you are interested in purchasing any of Cynthia's work or would like more info please click here>  
Cynthia Davis 
Cynthia Davis has lived in St Ives for some 20 years having spent a good deal of that time developing as a serious artist at the St Ives School of Painting under the influence of a great teacher - John Charles Clark. It was John who recognised the Piscean influences in her painting - the dual conflicts of light and dark, male and female, all happiest when they are in each others company. All her paintings are created from the imagination.  
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