founded in 1927 
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Gwithian - The Listening Sea 
61 x 61cm 
Oil on canvas 
The Mount June 09 
51 x 66cm 
Acrylic on paper 
The Island - Fingers Of The Wind 
Oil on canvas 
Watching Over Distant Shores - Black Cliff 
40 x 40cm 
Oil on linen 
My Beach Is Unhurried This Morning 
80 x 80cm 
Oil on canvas 
WYWH - I Was With You 
60 x 90 cm 
OIl on canvas 
Coverack Looking East 
30 x 40cm 
Oil on canvas 
£300 SOLD 
Caput Mortum 
80 x 80cm 
Mixed media on canvas 
Rose Light 
76 x 57cm 
Tide Rishing In 
30 x 30cm 
oil on canvas £250 
December Godrevy 
oil on canvas 
50 x 50cm 
Lamorna Trees 
70 x 70cm 
oil on canvas £850 
Rainforest Soon 
153 x 114cm 
Acrylic & oil on canvas 
November Storms 
Oil on canvas 
Rain Coming Roskilly 
oil on canvas 
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Ges Wilson  
I make work that is either figurative or semi-abstract landscape, both arising from the act of drawing, not primarily as an observed record - but describing experience and memory, sometimes obscured by time.  
Processes are important and I may use layering, mixed media, dripping, pouring, drawing with sticks – these all assist in suppressing the ego, diverting the conscious mind to allow materials and processes to reveal something workable, something that communicates personal encounters, maybe on the ocean, surfing, sailing, tasting salt tasting spray, remembering misty days, cherishing a good wave……..  
I try to simplify and to look fresh at a time, a space, an object removed from its surroundings, often just glimpsed and revealed.